Have you ever seen lots of smoke coming out of a factory, car, airplane or any other vehicle? that is pollution. pollution is very unhealthy for the environment, humans and animals (any living thing). Did you know that since lots of people are staying home, we are creating less pollution in the air this is because there aren’t many cars on the road or planes in the sky?


Looking at others blogs

I really enjoyed exploring others blogs and seeing what they like doing, lots of people like dance like me so I has a look at their blogs and read why they liked dance. It was also interesting to look at the peoples blogs that had not much in common with me because its cool how people all like to do different things.

About me

My name is Isabella I love to dance, perform and act.

I love dancing I have done it since I was 2 and competed for a very long time. This year (2020) Is my 10th year dancing.

love to perform because I like to make the people in the Audience happy. And it also makes me happy.

I love to Act because I can portray other characters, and be in front of an Audience.

My Favourite foods are Pasta and Ice cream.

My Favourite colours are pastel-pink, Blue, yellow and purple.

My favourite types of dance are contemporary, Lyrical, jazz, Hip hop and Ballet.

But I do all styles of dance.